Hannah Ellis Ryan & William J Holstead / Things We Want

Hannah Ellis Ryan & William J Holstead / Things We Want


Hannah Ellis Ryan and William J Holstead open this evening in THINGS WE WANT at Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester.

A collaboration between Play With Fire and Swaggering Crow Productions, THINGS WE WANT is a black comedy from the teams behind ‘A Kidnapping’, ‘Orphans’, ‘Sans Merci’ and ‘Herding Cats’.

Three adult brothers are living together once again in their childhood apartment, coping with the void left by their parents’ deaths. Drugs, love and new age spirituality consume their search for purpose, until a surprise visit from an upstairs neighbour turns everything upside down and challenges all the brothers thought they believed. A sweet and sour look at the illusions we have about what makes us happy—and what is within our power to change.

Written by Jonathan Marc Sherman and directed by Daniel Bradford, Things We Want runs at Hope Mill Theatre until 9th of June.