Barbara Hockaday / North and South

Barbara Hockaday / North and South


The wonderful BARBARA HOCKADAY opens tonight, playing Bessie Higgins in NORTH AND SOUTH at The Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 29th August – 25th September 2019.

Strong-willed Vicar’s daughter Margaret Hale has grown up in the rarefied atmosphere of rural southern England, so when her family relocates to the roughness and vitality of a Northern factory town, she is thrown into a new life of strikes and strife.

Hot-blooded industrialist John Thornton rules his cotton mill with an iron hand. Sparks fly when Margaret challenges both master and millhand, only to discover that not all of her southern beliefs hold true.

A tale for today, this timely adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s great classic 19th-century novel by BAFTA-nominated writer Janys Chambers explores the complex relationship between North and South, and between women and men of different classes. Can reason overcome pride and prejudice? Can compassion triumph over a blind adherence to market forces? Can love bloom amongst the snowy fibres of a money-driven cotton mill?