Stephen Chapman / The Wasteground Circus

Stephen Chapman / The Wasteground Circus


We are thrilled you can see STEPHEN CHAPMAN play the Ringmaster in Two Women’s production of THE WASTEGROUND CIRCUS from the 1st to the 3rd of July.

Written and directed by Janys Chambers and playing for three nights only at Saint Phillips and then The Roundhouse in Bristol, The Wasteground Circus is a magical, warm, funny and moving story set in a futuristic Britain that combines the best of theatre with the spectacle of circus.

It is 2080 and most of Britain is under water. Frankie and Lex are best friends and are trying desperately to keep their friendship going, meeting once a week at an abandoned playground on the top of a hill, close to the tower block where Frankie lives.

One day, a circus comes to their wasteground. Despite the sensational strong men, stunning acrobats, and women flying through the air, it is not quite what they expect. When the circus leaves, one of these girls will never be the same again.