Andrew Pollard / Guy Fawkes

Andrew Pollard / Guy Fawkes


Wishing a wonderfully seasonal opening night to ANDREW POLLARD in GUY FAWKES at York Theatre Royal playing 28 October – 12 November.

York born Guy Fawkes is a war weary man with a plan and a treasonous purpose; to restore a Catholic monarch to the English throne, whatever the cost.

In the private room of an upmarket tavern, a clandestine meeting takes place between this dark dissident, a Poundshop Machiavelli, a portly boob, a clumsy princess, a preposterous toff and a shoddy ham. Together, this group of misfits set the first sparks of rebellion that will flare up to become the most audacious crime ever attempted on British soil. But will things go to plan?


Facing bickering, backstabbing and ineptitude at every turn, poor Guy quickly realises the impossibility of the task that has been assigned to him and, as things begin to unravel, he starts to lose the plot.