Cory Sapienza / The Polar Express

Cory Sapienza / The Polar Express


Just in time for Christmas, we’re delighted to have brilliant LIPA Graduate CORY SAPIENZA opening this weekend in THE POLAR EXPRESS on the Wensleydale Railway, Yorkshire performing 12th November – 23rd December.

If you’ve never experienced the magic of the Polar Express, this just might be your crucial year. The Polar Express is steaming back to the Yorkshire Dales ready to amaze, delight and create memories you’ll cherish in years to come. Get your pyjamas and dressing gowns on and get ready to take part in the train ride of your life! A fully immersive theatrical experience lies in wait for you beyond the station of Leeming Bar at Wensleydale Railway – if you just believe.

When you get to the platform, it seems to be empty! But it won’t be for long, as the Polar Express will soon arrive. As the platform fills with pyjama clad guests, the excitement filling the air will mount as you hear the Grand Arrival begin. The first sparks of magic begin when snow fills the platform as the train pulls to a stop!

“ALL ABOARD!” calls the conductor, and the chefs help you on board. As you make your way to your seats, the show is about to begin. The train pulls away from the platform and you’ll be treated to some familiar songs from the film, performed for you by our very talented chefs and maybe even the Conductor himself.

Before your very eyes, the story of the Polar Express will come to technicolour life. Beloved characters from the story including the chefs, Conductor and maybe even the ghost on the train will draw you ever deeper into the story of the Polar Express Train Ride. As the train steams closer to the North Pole, everyone will be served hot chocolate and a cookie just like in the film.

Finally, the Polar Express will arrive at the North Pole. As you take in the sights that await you there, a very special guest will board the train. Santa Claus himself will appear right there in your carriage! He will talk to your children and provide them with the First Gift of Christmas, a beautiful shiny silver sleigh bell. His elf helper will make sure the grownups get their bell. Whilst Santa makes his way through the carriage, you’ll hear the familiar cry of ‘tickets, please!’ as the Conductor checks everyone’s Golden Tickets.

Filled with all the magic and wonder of the Christmas season, the Polar Express Train Ride is a festive experience like no other.