Joyce Branagh / Out/Stage/Us

Joyce Branagh / Out/Stage/Us


Wishing a terrific opening night to JOYCE BRANAGH and all in this year’s OUT/STAGE/US performing in Fanny’s Your Aunt at The Lowry 27 – 29 September.

Hive North return to The Lowry to present OutStageUs, the UK’s most exciting LGBTQ+ new writing event. Now in its fifth year, OutStageUs will showcase ten electrifying brand-new short plays and spoken word pieces by some of the UK’s most exciting LGBTQ+ writers.

OutStageUs is a fearlessly bold celebratory night of theatre addressing and exploring issues of sexuality and gender identity. Created by LGBTQ+ artists, the new work will break down barriers and give an authentic voice to a community still fighting for equality.

Prepare to be entertained, excited, invigorated and inspired as we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and its rich history of defiance and activism. This collection of funny, moving, and inspiring new writing will give our community strength, optimism, and a voice.