Hannah Ellis Ryan / A Doll’s House

Hannah Ellis Ryan / A Doll’s House


We’re excited to have the wonderful HANNAH ELLIS RYAN playing Nora in Elysium Theatre’s A DOLL’S HOUSE opening this Wednesday, the 28th September at the Queen’s Hall, Hexham and touring the North East until the 15th October.

“No man can be expected to sacrifice his honour, even for the person he loves.”
“Millions of women have done it.”

Nora is a happily married woman with a loving husband and three beautiful children. Everything seems perfect in her happy home. But when a man from her past appears demanding what she owes him, her ideal life unravels, and as she realises the truth about her marriage, she is forced to make the ultimate choice…

Award-winning, Durham-based Elysium Theatre Company brings Ibsen’s landmark drama about marriage, love, and the need to be true to yourself, to the North East in a sensational new production.