After a staggering twenty years, this week JOHN MIDDLETON and audiences alike say goodbye to ITV Emmerdale’s Ashley Thomas.

Ashley spent many years as the well loved and respected vicar. He had it all – a loving wife and family, and despite the curve balls thrown at them, they always came through. He’s now facing a new challenge in the form of dementia, a challenge which sadly, is only going to end one way.

The soap character’s health has been slowly deteriorating as the effects of his dementia take hold.   Emmerdale viewers have recently seen his wife Laurel put him in a care home as she began to struggle to cope with his condition.

In devastating scenes to come, Ashley will finally slip away as he loses his fight with the disease.

Ahead of his final scenes, Emmerdale released a heart-breaking trailer detailing happy moments in Ashley’s life which you can view below.

John has won a multitude of praise for his portrayal of a dementia sufferer which has touched the nation.  We are incredibly proud of the work John has done, not just in this storyline but over the years as the much loved Ashley.