Gordon Kane / Macca & Beth

Gordon Kane / Macca & Beth


We’re delighted to have the fantastic GORDON KANE opening this weekend in MACCA & BETH at Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre 29 April – 28 May.

Beth loves Macca. She doesn’t know why, but she loves him. So when the daft old sod promises to take her away for a summer break to his uncle’s old home in the Scottish highlands she really thinks that he might have got it right this time.

They have been summoned North for the reading of his eccentric uncle’s will. He was notoriously tight so they’re not getting their hopes up but they don’t get out much so it’s probably worth the trip. What could possibly go wrong?

When they arrive they are hit by the biggest snowstorm that the valley has seen in years. Definitely the biggest one in July. They are trapped with a mysterious solicitor, a drunken cleaner and wild gamekeeper while the wind rages outside. Suddenly there is a banging on the door. There can’t be anyone else out here can there? But there is an overturned prison van on the road…