Anna Wheatley / Invincible

Anna Wheatley / Invincible


Opening this weekend, in a largely sold out show, ANNA WHEATLEY in Kilter Theatre’s INVINCIBLE – playing at a secret Bristol location.

Answer this: how far would you go to better yourself? Would you lie to your mother? Would you deny your inheritance? Would you intervene with your DNA?

The result of extensive consultation with the University of Bristol’s Synthetic Biology researchers, Invincible puts each and every audience member at the heart of a contemporary moral dilemma. This is an urgent and immersive play, commissioned to feed into a critical debate as scientists break new ground daily.

Written in collaboration with playwright, David Lane, and produced by theatrical pioneers, Kilter, performances take place with small audiences at ‘point-blank range’. Staged in the pressure-cooker environment of a real residential flat, set in 2048, three women traverse three generations as the political and scientific become intensely personal. And all along Bristol’s Synthetic Biologists will be listening.