Anna Kirke / Votes For Women

Anna Kirke / Votes For Women


Following on from Playhouse Creatures, ANNA KIRKE opens VOTES FOR WOMEN at the New Vic, Stoke.  Adapted and directed by Theresa Heskins, Anna plays Mrs Heriot.

After years of campaigning, the suffrage movement is further than ever from achieving their goal: the vote.

As Parliament continue to delay taking any progressive action, the women decide to take their campaign into their homes and as word spreads through friends and acquaintances, support for votes for women gains momentum. Before long, people from all walks of life are imagining a different future, and the change in society that could be possible. Persuading the people in power to change their minds however, is another matter…

Charged with emotion, this gripping production explores a definitive moment in our history and takes audiences into the world of a campaign that shows that anything is possible.