Sid Akbar / Besharam – shameLESS

Sid Akbar / Besharam – shameLESS


Wishing a fantastic opening night this week to SID AKBAR in his self-created piece BESHARAM – SHAMELESS playing at Kala Sangam in Bradford 7 – 10 June.

SHAME: The Final Frontier

These are the voyages of the star ship Besharam [Shame-LESS]

Join Captain Sid Akbar, on a mission to explore cultural identity, to seek out an open, queer life, to boldly F*** what other people think, and choose to be themselves.

Besharam [Shame-LESS] tells a personal and political story in a playful and honest way; a story of growing up in Bradford, wishing it was safe and acceptable to be yourself, and wondering if the future you long for is just science fiction.

Sid faces reality, explores alternatives, and explodes the limitations of family, faith and culture. Beyond shame are survival, healing and fabulous rainbows of possibility.  Join Sid’s journey, to take up space like no queer, brown, Bradfordian has done before.