Shannon Flynn / Restorative Justice

Shannon Flynn / Restorative Justice


You can see the brilliant SHANNON FLYNN in hard hitting online dramatisation RESTORATIVE JUSTICE on BBC iPlayer.

Steph’s life fell apart after she was held hostage at knifepoint in a bank. Years later, Steph agreed to a meeting with her attacker, Ian, which would change both of their lives.

When she was 19, Steph was attacked by a man dressed all in black, threatening her with a meat cleaver. She suffered paranoia, panic attacks and flashbacks fearing the appearance of the ‘Bogeyman’ everywhere.

Through the process of Restorative Justice, Steph eventually agreed to meet her attacker, Ian. This film reveals what happened when they met. Actors play them on screen, but the voices you hear belong to the real Ian and Steph.