Peter Macqueen / Old Herbacious

Peter Macqueen / Old Herbacious


The brilliant PETER MACQUEEN is touring the North in his one-man show HERBACIOUS with dates between now and the 11th of July.

Pottering amongst the seeds and cuttings at the back of his ramshackle greenhouse in the garden of a Gloucestershire manor house is Herbert Pinnegar.  Now in his twilight years he is full of memories and tales of a bygone era.  In between potting up and potting on, he recounts his journey from orphan boy to legendary head gardener ‘Old Herbaceous’ and tells of his friendship with the lady of the house, Mrs. Charteris.

Sown with seeds of gardening wisdom, this charming one man show is a love story – a humorous portrayal of a single-minded yet gentle man with a passion for plants.

      “This gently humorous, touching play tugs at the heart strings and tickles ribs”              News & Star

      “Peter Macqueen throws a warming comfort blanket around his audience.”       Keswick Reminder

      “Two hours of sustained gentle humour laced with advice and tinged with sadness          

        and tragedy.”                                                                                          Dewsbury Arts 

Catch the brilliant trailer below and click the link above to find out when it’s near you!