MAEVE LARKIN opens in Oldham Coliseum’s BOEING BOEING playing from the 15th of May to the 6th of June.

Fasten your seat belts, sit back relax and enjoy this fast moving comedy which will soon be landing in Oldham.

Bachelor playboy Bernard has the perfect life – a swish Parisian apartment and not one but three glamorous air stewardess girlfriends.

When one of Bernard’s girlfriends decides to visit him on an unscheduled stopover he is more than happy to see his surprise visitor. Unfortunately for Bernard, a new speedier Boeing jet means that his two other girlfriends have also arrived in town much sooner than planned and embark on two unscheduled visits of their own.

Bernard’s carefully planned love life is thrown out of the window when events begin spiralling out of control and turbulence looks very much on the horizon.

Set in the swinging sixties, this glamorous, high flying comedy has all the fizz and sophistication of a bottle of vintage champagne and has enjoyed sell out seasons in London and New York.

Director Robin Herford and his team will work their usual magic and a high flying, First Class production is guaranteed.