Lorna Laidlaw / I Knew You at London’s Roundhouse

Lorna Laidlaw / I Knew You at London’s Roundhouse


The fantastic LORNA LAIDLAW reprises her role in I KNEW YOU on the 19th and 20th of June at the Roundhouse, London – as part of it’s Last Word Festival.

I Knew You is the latest play from acclaimed spoken word artist and writer, Polarbear, which asks if we can ever really escape from our past.

Angela is edging closer to retirement. Then it will just be her, her cat and ready meals for one. Her son Nathan is struggling with being a stay-at-home dad. It’s not as if he’s had a role model for it. The closest he’s got to his dad in 20 years was a Google search.

When Angela has a chance encounter with ‘her Patrick’, she is torn about whether or not to introduce him to the son he walked out on and the grandson he’s never met. But Patrick has some news that may force her to decide.