Kiara Nicole Pillai / Beauty and the Beast

Kiara Nicole Pillai / Beauty and the Beast

We’re delighted to have the hugely talented KIARA NICOLE PILLAI making her panto debut as Beauty in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at the Stephen Joseph Theatre 1 – 30 Dec.

Welcome to Scarbolopolis, a magical town by the sea in need of a HUGE sprinkle of Christmas spirit!

Enter a brave girl and her family, arriving in town ready to open a shop selling baubles, tinsel, and all things sparkly, shiny and lovely to brighten things up a bit. But one day Dad goes wandering into Everdark Forest where the mysterious beast lives and doesn’t come back. Our fearless heroine ventures into the woods on a rescue mission – fancy coming along?

From the team who brought you Cinderella, expect a brand new adventure packed with silliness, thrills, spills, singalongs, and more fantastical family fun than you can shake a sausage on a stick at!