Julie Power / The Lost Words

Julie Power / The Lost Words


We’re delighted to have the fantastic JULIE POWER opening to the public in THE LOST WORDS at Bolton School this Saturday 2nd July, playing until 22 July.

An outdoor theatre performance for all ages led by a flock of birds, Told In Gold features a massive goldfinch nest auditorium and is soundtracked by Spell Songs, the stunning musical interpretations of Robert Macfarlane’s words.

Spells wrapped around trees, words to be discovered in the woodland, and lines of spells perched on branches like starlings.

With sound recordings of the spell poems from some of Britain’s famous voices of all ages and accents, Seek, Find, Speak came alive in 2018 and 2019, grew into The Lost Words: Told In Gold in 2019 and, following an enforced hibernation in 2020-21, has now woken from its slumber for a new updated production throughout 2022 and beyond.