Joyce Branagh / Ladies That Dig

Joyce Branagh / Ladies That Dig


Wishing a fantastic opening night on tour to JOYCE BRANAGH in LADIES THAT DIG opening at the Dukes in Lancaster and touring venues in the North West of England 9 Feb – 12 March.

Written by Joyce & The ‘Ladies That…..’ Theatre Company, with music by Helen Longworth, Ladies That Dig is a new comedy drama with original music about the great outdoors and the people who enjoy it. It’s about friendship and green-fingers, isolation and community, nature, nurture, and ultimately what it means to ‘grow’…

A fertile blend of live music and inter-twining tales from women who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.  Collected from interviews, the play is based on the true life stories of local women – Alotmenteers, Metal Detectorists, Archaeologists, Grave-diggers, Forensic Anthropologists and people who just love to garden!  Ladies that Dig uncovers stories where budding love blossoms, hidden roots are unearthed, buried secrets revealed and golden treasures discovered.