Jordi Williams / If I Should Fall Tour

Jordi Williams / If I Should Fall Tour


Following on from a successful R&D we’re delighted audiences can see JORDI WILLIAMS in Red Bobble Theatre’s IF I SHOULD FALL touring the North West from the 27th of September until the 30th of October.

One house.

One kitchen.

One woman.

Two world wars.

Manchester, 1916 and Beattie is ahead of her time. A well read, bombastic adolescent with a promising future and a talent for writing. At sweet sixteen, Billy Glover is Beattie’s first love. They live in letters sent across the battlefield.

Manchester, 1941 and Beattie, like the rest of Britain, finds herself in another war. Only this time she’s got a failing marriage and an ageing mother to contend with. Living in memories, amidst the bombing, rationing and village gossip can Beattie survive and finally put old ghosts to rest?  


Based on ORIGINAL letters written from the Battle of the Somme and the TRUE story of one remarkable woman. ‘If I Should Fall…’ explores what it means to be at war; at home and away, then and now, asking the question … ‘have we changed at all?’.