Janine Birkett / Lost, Found and Told: New Audio Tales for Northumberland

Janine Birkett / Lost, Found and Told: New Audio Tales for Northumberland


Hear the superb JANINE BIRKETT in new audio piece LOST, FOUND AND TOLD: NEW AUDIO TALES FOR NORTHUMBERLAND available to buy on Bandcamp.

Lost Found and Told is a collection of seven original short stories written by Fiona Ellis, set in the border county of Northumberland in North East England.

With original music and traditional tunes woven throughout, they are tales of losing and finding, of courage – the false and the true kinds, of love and kindness in unexpected places, and of the strength and resilience of Northumberland. They are not true and yet they are all true, as stories with magic always are.

Lost Found and Told promises to enchant and captivate the whole family. Listen at home in the comfort of your living room, close your eyes and you will be transported to the landscape that inspired the tales and the characters you will encounter. Or, grab your headphones and head to the heart of Northumberland, and walk and listen to the tales right where the action happens. This works for some of the stories better than others.

Although each story stands alone, four of the tales are linked together by events and characters (marked with a *) – but you don’t have to listen to them one after another, so we have split them up for you. That means that if an ending worries you – something lost; will it be found? people parted; will they be reunited? – just wait for the next episode of that tale and … Well, we won’t spoil the surprise for you.

The latest production from the brilliant November Club.