Gareth Cassidy / The Card

Gareth Cassidy / The Card


We are thrilled that this summer you can see the fabulous GARETH CASSIDY in the NEW VIC / CLAYBODY THEATRE’S  adaptation of Arnold Bennett’s comic masterpiece, THE CARD.

Adapted by Deborah McAndrew and directed by Conrad Nelson, the story follows the fortunes of loveable rogue Denry Machin, as he makes his way up from humble beginnings to become the most celebrated ‘card’ in the Five Towns.

From a young age, loveable rogue Denry Machin has his eyes set on great things and when life gives him an opportunity, he takes it.

A washerwoman’s son, his humble beginnings won’t hold him back from achieving a life he loves to live. Helped along by a little bit of luck, a lot of initiative and just a touch of chutzpah, he’s soon enjoying fame and fortune, becoming the most celebrated ‘card’ in The Five Towns!

A revival of Claybody Theatre’s original production seen at Fenton Town Hall in 2022, this joyous stage adaptation of Arnold Bennett’s classic comic novel is set in a fictionalised Stoke-on-Trent known as The Five Towns. Bennett felt that, from a literary point of view, Five Towns sounded better than six. ‘Stokies’ will tell you otherwise!

Showing: Saturday 20 May–Saturday 10 June 2023