Chris Hannon / Sleeping Beauty

Chris Hannon / Sleeping Beauty


Hoping it’s a smashing opening night to the wonderful CHRIS HANNON and all in SLEEPING BEAUTY as Theatre Royal Wakefield 28 Nov – 7 Jan.

In the kingdom of Wakeyland people rejoice as Old King Cole announces the arrival of a baby princess. The fairies are called to bestow blessings upon the babe – but one fairy, Nocturna, has other ideas. A terrible curse is placed upon the child and the King lives in fear for his daughter’s life.

Can the curse be broken? Can the princess be saved? Can the men sat on the front row avoid total humiliation? There’s only one way to find out.

Featuring all of the magic, belly laughs and outrageous Chris Hannon outfits that Theatre Royal Wakefield’s pantomime is famous for – don’t miss this year’s dose of festive family fun.