Andrina Carroll / Zomblogalypse

Andrina Carroll / Zomblogalypse


The Halloween season is upon us and what better way to get in the swing than to catch our ANDRINA CARROLL as Jo in the uniquely named Indie horror film ZOMBLOGALYPSE at Unrestricted View Film Festival, Islington on the 27th October.

Zomblogalypse is the story of three inept survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

Miles just wants some peace and quiet and a decent cup of tea; over-enthusiastic human wrecking ball Tony likes blowing things up; Hannah video blogs their adventures and knits in the bath to avoid the fact that she’s really a massive coward.

Originally created as a black comedy web series, Zomblogalypse has now attracted over a million online views and built a cult reputation for its dry humour, fantastic gore effects and loving sendup of the zombie genre… and is now a feature length film, playing internationally in film festivals: see our PRESS and MOVIE sections for more information.