Andrew Pollard / Let’s All Be Fairies

Andrew Pollard / Let’s All Be Fairies


Both written by and starring ANDREW POLLARD Let’s All Be Fairies is a funny, risqué and often poignant cabaret celebrating the ‘out’ gay performers of the Prohibition era, ‘Pansy Craze’.

In the New York underground nightclubs of the 1920’s and 30’s prohibition era, out and proud gay performers, labelled ‘pansies’, were to be found singing their own satirical and often risqué gay material. These celebrated performers ignited what was known as the “Pansy Craze’ and enjoyed a prominence that had never been seen before. Some of them even performed in films and on Broadway, with performers like Mae West championing them.

In Britain, however, things were not so ‘open’. Gay performers still had to hide their sexual identity with many of their songs only revealing gay subtext to those ‘in the know’.

You can see Let’s All Be Fairies for a limited run from 17-19 February at The Edge Theatre, Chorlton, Manchester.  Click here to book.