Alex Phelps / The School for Scandal

Alex Phelps / The School for Scandal


We’re delighted to have the marvellous ALEX PHELPS opening in THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL for Tilted Wig at Theatre by the Lake, Keswick, the first stop on it’s national tour until the 8th of June.

Sir Peter Teazle believes his young wife is sleeping with someone else. She isn’t.
But she’s starting to think if her husband believes it, she may as well give it a go. After all, if you’re going to cause a scandal, you might as well enjoy it…

Deliciously naughty and outrageously silly, this timeless comedy is a masterclass in social satire and the art of gossip. Featuring an unforgettable cast of larger-than-life characters, each armed with a lacerating wit, The School for Scandal is one of the greatest comedies ever written.