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We have been established in the United Kingdom since 1986

We are an Actors Agency representing a select list of actors within Film, Television, Theatre, Radio and Voiceover. We specialise in developing each clients individual portfolio. Currently, three Agents represent 90 clients within film, television, theatre and radio, both nationally and internationally. The Agency works closely with each actor to enhance their individual career and the reputation of the Agency.

Casting Directors

To check any of our actors availability please call us on 020 7734 7887 / 0161 228 0236 or email us at or our individual addresses below.

Applying for Representation

If you’re an actor looking for representation you can get in touch with us via the dedicated applications e-mail Please do not e-mail the agents direct.  Send us a CV or Spotlight link  and small headshot, along with any links to your showreel or invitations to see your work. You can also write to us using the Manchester address, but please don’t post a showreel in the first instance. If you include an SAE, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  We’re only looking at actors who are professionally trained or already have experience in the industry.


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